Animal Tales | Age 3-9

This bewitching mixture of well-loved and less-well-known traditional stories of animals, sea creatures and birds from around the world will fascinate and enthrall. Some of the stories are sung or spoken, others told using tableau puppets, rod puppets carved and painted in traditional style, and some with dancing jig dolls. There is a wide repertoire of stories available for this show which can be chosen to fit any age groups between 3 and 11.

Travelling Tales | Age 5-11

Travel With Major Mustard Around The World. See and hear songs and stories from many lands retold with amazing and colourful shadow puppets and silhouettes as wide spread as China, Canada, India, Australia and Arabia. The show is suited to 7 to 11 year olds.

Celtic Treasury | Age 5-11 or Adult Version

A pot-pourri of songs, stories and music from the Celtic lands of Europe told and played by Major Mustard in his own inimitable way in this celebration of the rich heritage of the Celts. The humour, sometimes sadness, and liveliness of the Celtic tradition is well represented in this show, which can be presented to age groups in the 5 to 11 years age range but which also has a version which caters for adults.


Storytelling over the years has been a vital part of every culture throughout the world, providing both entertainment and education. Storytellers take their listeners to new worlds, present them with differing experiences and involve them with new thoughts, ideas and feelings. 
Traditionally stories have been told using words, gestures, music, dance and puppets. Major Mustard combines mixtures of these elements in his performance, creating a traditional yet unique style of storytelling. 
In both performance and workshop Major Mustard encourages and uses the listening and speaking skills which combined with a love of language are the basis of literacy and integral to the development of the spoken word. [For details of Storytelling Workshops - Click here.]